Standard Process

GMPTALENT International operates according to a consistent and best-in-class service framework with defined tools, features and processes. Our standard service process comprises six steps: Job Brief, Source, Screen, Select, Hire and Follow-up.

Step 1: Job Brief
To facilitate the recruitment process and to accurately represent our client in the market place, it is important that Managing Partner completes due diligence on the role and client organisation. This includes a detailed brief with the main stakeholders to further understand the specificity of the role, the requirements, the culture and operating processes and other practicalities. In preparation for the briefing meeting, our team will conduct preliminary research on the role, the function, client’s market and industry. The insight gained during the briefing meeting will complete our overall understanding of client’s needs.

When the briefing is completed, together with our client, the Managing Partner will prepare a detailed Position Specification summarizing client’s company information, the role responsibilities, desired candidate profile, technical requirements, remuneration and key competencies. This document will be used for sourcing, screening and assessing candidates, and is forwarded to the client for final approval.

Step 2: Source
We use a multiple-channels sourcing strategy to attract the widest possible candidate response. We advise the client to strongly focus on a direct search approach, complemented by consultant network, database, job portal and Web 2.0 technology.

Step 3: Screen
The Managing Partner manages all written and verbal communication with candidates during the entire recruitment process.

I. Competency and behavioural based interviews are conducted with the most relevant candidates to confirm competency, personal fit and motivation for the role.

II. The presentation of short-listed candidates consists of an average 3-4 candidates who meet the previously agreed-upon Position Specification. We will include full comprehensive candidate reports for each of the short-listed candidates, giving a detailed analysis of the profile, motivation, and experience; we include how the candidates meet the competencies required for the role.

III. Throughout the process, we keep the client closely informed of progress and discuss any matters arising that would assist us to fine-tune the approach. We make our process as transparent as confidentiality will allow, reviewing with the client through an extensive progress report the organisations and people we are targeting and the market feedback we receive.

Step 4: Select
Although the client makes the final decision about who to hire, we collaborate with our client to assist them to make the right recruitment choice. We work with client and the candidates to ensure any assessments that may be part of the business selection process are completed and the results are reviewed. Once the hiring manager has indicated to us the candidate of their choice, we then notify the candidates of the outcome of the interviews and conduct reference checks on the preferred candidate at client’s request.

Step 5: Hire
The Managing Partner manages the compensation negotiations and offer process on the client’s behalf, as well as initiate and review pre-hire reference checks (as agreed) to ensure the preferred candidate is successfully hired.

Step 6: Follow up
After appointment, our Managing Partner keeps in touch with the client and the candidate to ensure the smooth transition.

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